What fun I had with this super friendly and fun like minded thrifter ! The time flew as did we searching through the rails for the unique and classy ! I would recommend Charissa if you are new to the thrifting experience she will pick out some great pieces for you.


Charissa was truly a joy to shop with. She pin-pointed my style right away, taught me so much about the brands we were finding, and picked things out I might have skipped over myself. Plus… I stayed on budget!


As a stylist even I get stuck buying similar types of clothes because I know what I like and I know they work. But it is also refreshing and necessary to shop with totally different set of eyes and with someone who has a different perspective.

Loren North

Shopping has never been a problem for me. Heck, I even love grocery shopping! So when I met up with Charissa to see if we could find some treasures, we hit it off right away. Charissa jumped right in to assess my style, my needs, and comfort level. She really knows what she is looking for and assesses items quality lightning fast! Having been a wardrobe consultant for a clothing line, I feel that I know quite a bit about what looks good on me as far as color, shape, and style. Charissa pushed me out of my comfort zone on a couple of items which was wonderful! If she hadn’t suggested me try a couple of items (hello gold platform heels!) I never would have even attempted. She even gifted me her extra discount at check-out. What an awesome experience I am so grateful for! Thanks @Be Fearless!

Erin Edwards

First of all, I LOVE thrifting, but find I pick up things just because they’re priced so inexpensively, get it home, then don’t ever wear it. Total buyer’s remorse. Until I went shopping with Charissa. I had something very specific I was looking for for a presentation I was giving and literally within a couple minutes she found the perfect dress. Not only that, I walked away with a killer suit, two skirts, another dress, and shirts all for $23! In LOVE with all the pieces Charissa picked out with/for me that have become staples in my wardrobe. She truly has the gift of thrifting and building your confidence at the same time.

Tisha Pelletier

I don’t typically thrift, because I didn’t know what to look for and how to find good items. Be Fearless on a Budget helped me find good, quality items to update my wardrobe without spending a lot of money. It was a lot of fun and she knows a lot of tips and tricks for how to find like new and very nice clothing at thrift stores. I am very happy with this service!

Joy Carter