I’m Charissa Dantas empowering you to live fearless

Ladies, know the feeling  when it’s time to go shopping? You’re looking through your closet and start thinking to yourself, “I have nothing to wear” because you haven’t been shopping in a long time? One reason might be because you hate shopping or because you feel overwhelmed on where to start. What about your budget? Do you have a tendency to over spend or only afford a couple of pieces? The list goes on and on for us, ladies. For some of us, shopping can be a nightmare.

Where do you buy your clothes? The mall? Your favorite department store? What about online? Have you ever thought about going to a secondhand store like Goodwill? I know what you are thinking.”I can’t find anything nice there. I have no idea where the good locations are. I don’t have enough patience for that,”  and the classic one.”Isn’t that gross?”

What if you had an expert who knew what they were doing, knew how to pick the best clothes in your style, and in less than two hours can build a brand new wardrobe around your budget and still have money to spare?

This is exactly what I do. I am your professional treasure hunter and love finding amazing deals for you. I help women up level their image by dressing them in luxury brands but at bargain prices. I focus around your budget and put a plan together so I can help you find the best deals on clothes. There are women out there who buy brand new clothes and for whatever reason, donate them so you can buy them at fractions on the dollar. Wouldn’t you like to be her? Wouldn’t you love knowing that your fabulous luxury dress only cost $5? Wouldn’t you love knowing you didn’t have to break the bank to look amazing?

Shopping shouldn’t be a tedious, roll your eyes task. It should be fun and I make it fun. 🙂 My favorite kind of clients are women who are looking for a more professional look for less but I can put together an outfit for an everyday look as well.


My list of clients on a budget include:

Business owners


Moms going back into the workforce

College students going into the workforce

Stay at home moms

Corporate Careers

Retired women

Transgenders transitioning into a woman