Thrift Store Newbie?

Thrift Store Newbie?

If you have never stepped into a thrift store, I highly recommend trying a few out. How? Simply google in your area and see what’s close. For example, I live around 11 thrift stores that are driving distance. There are so many thrift/secondhand stores that it’s easy to just pick one and just visit. The more you go and visit, the more you will get an idea of what’s out there.

I have been to some thrift stores where everything is crap…literally everything is just crap. I just make a mental note to never go there again. LOL! After you google the thrift stores around you, I’d then read their reviews and just see what people are already saying about them. It does and it doesn’t help at the same time because there are Goodwills that have terrible reviews but I LOVE their location and can’t understand why they got a 2-star review.

Before you go and visit a place, ask yourself “What am I looking for?” You’d be surprised on how you can narrow down the places to go. For example, if you are looking for teen clothes, then automatically I’d tell you to go to Uptown Cheapskate. Their target market is more of a hip/young crowd. If you are looking for more mature women’s clothes, then I’d recommend either White Dove or Assistance League. They have a lot of women’s clothing and are still in great condition. 

Before you go, make sure to see if they have a website and/or social media account so you can look up any sales they are currently having. But before you even go,  know what you are looking for, do a search around your home, read reviews, and then just pick one to go in for about 10-15 minutes so you can get a feel for what they offer. Ask an employee if there is anything that you should know that’s special about them. Example questions are “What days do you put new inventory on the floor?” and “How often do you have sales?”

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