My Top 10 Reasons for Shopping at Goodwill

My Top 10 Reasons for Shopping at Goodwill

Have you ever wondered what my reasons are for shopping at Goodwill? Wonder no more! I get asked this question all the time. I love shopping at other places, but in my opinion, Goodwill has more specials and deals weekly than everywhere else I’ve seen. At the end of the day, at one point, whatever you find at Goodwill will eventually be $1.

Here are my top 10 reasons:

1) 50% off everything in the store every other Saturday

2) $1 tags every Thursday

3) The extra 20% coupon in their newsletter every month

4) The amount of inventory is incredible. They are always putting out items on the floor.

5) Finding “New with tags” items

6) Every few months they will have a day where two colors are $1

7) There are always two color tags on sale every day

8) Not all but most stores separate “Great Quality” items and put those in the front of the store

9) Your purchase helps go toward finding jobs for the community

10) You can go to the Goodwill bins where everything that doesn’t sell in a regular Goodwill store can be purchased for $1.29 per pound

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