You Are a Walking Billboard for Your Business

You Are a Walking Billboard for Your Business

How many times have you met a woman when you are networking, and when she introduces herself and find out what she does you instantly think, “I would NEVER have guessed that” due to her outfit alone? Her outfit either doesn’t match what she does OR it’s way too revealing OR she looks like she just rolled out of bed.

Those first few seconds when someone sees you before you even open your mouth are important. You are a walking billboard, a personal brand of who you are and it all starts with what you are wearing.

In our society it does matter how much effort you put into what you look like. I’m especially referring to when it comes to business (even though this applies to all aspects of life but in this case, I’m only talking about business).  People want to do business with other people they like and know that they have confidence in what they do. One of the first things we judge with people is what are they wearing. For me, I want someone to think (before I even open my mouth to speak) that I look really nice and professional, and have a BIG smile on my face because that’s the whole package being delivered before anything else happens. If I can get those first two things (outfit and a smile) to align with each other then I feel that I accomplished 50% of what I’m there to do. 

Another thing that I have noticed is your social media photo or your business card photo. Are those up to date and do they look like you? I have met women and men who don’t match their business card. They have different color hair or I can tell their photo was taken years ago. Those little details matter and are important. Do you need to update your profile photo?

For those of you who network, do you put time and effort into what you are going to wear when you put yourself and your business out there? Do you feel that what you do matches with what you look like? When someone is working with me, my objective is to have someone see you from across the room and think the following, “She looks very nice and well put together. She wears her outfit very well.” 

I highly suggest that right before you leave the house, look in a mirror and ask yourself these questions:

  1. If I were to meet me and explain what I do, would I do business with me?
  2. Does it look like I put effort into what I’m wearing and show that I care?
  3. Is my outfit appropriate? (I can’t begin to tell you how many short skirts and long v neck tops I see when I’m networking)

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