Why You Should Have Your Own Power Dress

Why You Should Have Your Own Power Dress

Do you have that one dress in your closet that when you put it on, you feel instant confidence? You KNOW you look and feel powerful and sexy? A great dress has the power to completely change your mood. I’m not talking about your club dress that shows off all your curves and a lot of skin. I’m talking about either your woman CEO dress to that beautiful summer dress that everyone compliments you on every time. I believe that every woman needs more than just one. You need a good handful to choose from. But why should I write about a dress? First, it’s easy to put together. All you need to do is throw it over your head, add shoes, and you’re done. Instant style. Second, chances are you got compliments while wearing said  dress before, so every time you put it on you know that everyone loves this piece on you.

According to researcher Dr. Alastair Tombs, “A dress can be valued not only because it makes the wearer feel more confident, but also because remembering the confidence and admiration these garments brought is valued long after it has ceased to be worn.” 

Go seek out and add a handful of different dresses in your wardrobe that make you feel amazing and every time you put it on, you’ll feel that boost of confidence.

Need some help on what to pick? Here are some suggestions:

1) Solid colors are great like black, blue, pink, etc. Choose at least two different colors.

2) Something with a pretty pattern. Have some fun with it.

3) Choose dresses that move with ease and has flow.

Are you ready to go shopping with me? Contact me today to book a free style consultation 🙂

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