How To Add Instant Authority To Your Outfit

How To Add Instant Authority To Your Outfit

Do you want instant confidence? Do you want instant authority? Then you need to add a well-tailored/well-fit blazer to your wardrobe. Adding a blazer to your outfit adds a touch of sophistication whether you are wearing jeans, a dress, or a nice skirt. If you are looking to up level your outfit and look well put together especially in a business setting then throw on a blazer.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing the right blazer for you:

1) The length should sit on your hip bone or a little bit over.

2) It should not be too tight around the arms.

3) Shoulder pads are ok but you don’t want them too big because it can make you look boxy.

4) The blazer should give you a beautiful silhouette when worn.

5) If you do button it and the buttons are pulling, then the blazer is too small.

6) The sleeves should not stop over half of your hands when relaxed.

7) You can also roll the sleeves (depending on the look) to make the look a little more funky but cool.

Black is the best color, but honestly it can be any color as long as it looks and feels right on you. Have some fun and get multiple colors to change one look from another like I did in the image above with my red blazer! 😀

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