How to Dress Like Your Favorite Celebrity for Less!

How to Dress Like Your Favorite Celebrity for Less!


Selena Gomez Outfit costs over $200

 Jessica Alba Look on Tisha Less than $30

Sarah Jessica Parker Look on Nichol Cost less than $30


You know what annoys me? When magazines feature celebrity pictures of their outfits, and if you want their look for less, they show pieces which are of course are way cheaper but in my opinion STILL very expensive. Don’t get me wrong.I love looking at what celebrities wear. I’m actually inspired by their outfits but I’m not inspired to spend a few hundred dollars to look exactly like them. I read an article once that if you wanted to look like a girl boss you have to spend at least $15,000! 

Then one day I thought to myself, “Why can’t I recreate their looks using only secondhand clothes at a much cheaper price? I KNOW I can do better than those magazines!” That’s when I did my first celebrity style copy and then decided to add it into my business. 

Here are my 4 tips on dressing like your favorite celebrity:

1) Choose someone you love who has great style. Someone that every time you see a photo of them, you tell yourself, “Wow they always look great!”

2) Pick out at least 10 photos of outfits that you love.

3) When you are at the store, find that one statement piece in one of the photos and start building from there.

4) Don’t worry about getting the exact patterns. Only focus on the overall look at the item.

5) When it comes to colors get as close as you can. It’s ok if the blue is a little lighter or darker. Just try to get the basic look down.

It is a little challenging to do because you never know what you’ll find in the store but if you have enough patience, it can be done.




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