Why You Should Be Shopping Second Hand

Why You Should Be Shopping Second Hand

Are you one of those people that say, “I would NEVER shop at a second hand store?” If so, that’s ok. I know you have your reasons but you are missing out. The number 1 reason I hear is,”The clothes aren’t clean,” but let me ask you this. You are in your favorite department store and you want this specific top. It’s been flying off the shelves and now there is only one left in your size. The problem though? There is a huge makeup stain all over the collar. This is the only one left and yet you can tell multiple people have tried it on. Is that dirty to you? Would you still buy it?

Even when you shop brand new clothes, remember that there there are still people that have tried it on. I always wash my finds when I get home plus I make sure when I’m at the store, the piece I have is in at least good condition before I consider buying it. 

Why as women in our society today are we told that we need to buy our clothes brand new from the mall or a department store? Why do we have to pay full price? Maybe it’s like getting a brand new car with that new car smell. I know the feeling. I used to buy brand new, top of the line clothes when I could, but with my budget I could only get one item at a time. My goal is to break the stigma that when it’s time to buy some clothes, instead of paying full price, you can go to a second hand store and pay only fractions of what it would cost right off the rack. When shopping thrift though you can buy multiple items at a time and still pay far less than that 1 item! It’s so much fun knowing that you got a great deal on something when you know what the original cost was. It’s a huge rush and I’m addicted to it. You feel like you are beating the system and it’s fun! This is why I want to help you join the movement of dressing like a million dollars without spending a million dollars.

Here are my top 5 reasons why you should be shopping second hand.

1) You can find things brand new with tags:  I find brand new, beautiful pieces of clothes with their tags STILL attached. I love this because I can see how much I would have paid for it if I bought it in the store and see how much of a discount I’m now getting.

2) You are contributing to the environment by helping the clothes to be recycled: There are thousands of clothes being thrown away everyday and piled up in our landfills,. Shopping at a secondhand store gives those clothes a second hand at life. It’s another way of recycling and it feels great knowing that you are helping the environment.

3) You can find your favorite brands at a much lower cost. I LOVE Ann Taylor but I refuse to purchase a dress that cost over $100 when I know I can find Ann Taylor at a secondhand store 90% off knowing what it originally cost. 

4) You can put an entire outfit together (Top, bottom, shoes, jacket or blazer, accessories, and a hand bag) for literally between $30 – $50. This is self-explanatory. 

5) You can go from “How can I afford this?” to “How can I NOT afford this?” : Especially on special discount days at Goodwill like $1 Thursdays and 50% Saturdays, how can anyone not be able to afford a fabulous dress for $5? The best parts are when they are new with tags. You feel so accomplished.

I hope this list inspires you to start thinking about shopping secondhand. 

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I love this! Great for the environment, and even better for my wallet! #shopsecondhand

Yes!!! There’s such a rush when you find those items at the thrift in new condition or brand new for a small fraction of its original price.

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